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Cudham Church of England Primary School

About our School

Cudham Church of England Primary School is a small, popular, Voluntary Controlled School in a semi-rural location on the edge of the urban area of Bromley. We share our site with our Pre-School and together we form a cohesive and inclusive community.

Classes are currently taught in mixed age classes from Year 1 to Year 6 (Rose - Yr1/Yr2, Honeysuckle - Yr3/Yr4, Forget-me-knot - Yr5/Yr6) with a single entry Reception Class (Marigold) of 15 pupils.

Cudham National School opened in 1851 and the original subscribers to the school included Charles Darwin and Earl Stanbrook (the Archbishop of Canterbury).

The main flint school building is a Grade II listed structure. It contains the Head Teacher’s Office and Main Office, School Hall and the Staff Room. In 1890 this building housed 168 pupils aged from 5 to 14 years in three rooms, seated in tiers!

Today we have four modern classrooms (two of which were built in 2012), a canteen, library and pre-school. The grounds have a playground, Trim Trail and a large playing field, along with a heated swimming pool that is used during the summer months.

In 2009, the School was fortunate to make use of a grant to build a new allotment and sensory garden (Emma’s Garden - named after Charles Darwin’s wife) and a Forest School area at the rear of the school field where the children can benefit from exciting outdoor learning opportunities.

In Emma’s garden we also have a raised pond that was created for us by the Heritage and Urban Design Dept and is used by the children for pond-dipping and wildlife observations. Within the Forest School area there is another larger pond that was actually used by Charles Darwin to conduct some of his experiments.