Behaviour & Expectations

Cudham Church of England Primary School

High standards of courtesy and consideration towards others are expected from all children at all times. We aim to develop each child socially as a member of the school community. We want all children to learn to work and play with others, and to accept responsibility for themselves and each other, as well as the environment in which they live.

We aim to help children grow in a safe and secure environment and to become positive, responsible and increasingly independent members of the school community.

Cudham School’s Fantastic Four

  • Respect yourself
  • Respect others
  • Respect your environment
  • Respect teaching and learning


Our school aims to develop confident, caring and well-educated individuals who love learning and achieve personal success. We want all individuals to feel positive about themselves and others and to develop a firm understanding of Christian Virtues and to display these in their everyday lives.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Creating, through detailed planning and enthusiastic delivery, a broad and balanced curriculum, where work is matched to a child’s ability through continuous assessment and the provision of equal opportunities. This helps us to ensure all children reach their full potential.

  • Promoting self-esteem and confidence through being able to work independently and collaboratively.

  • Developing the practical skills to use ICT effectively, embracing the ever-evolving nature of ICT in our world.

  • Enabling each child to acquire skills of literacy and numeracy and promote interest and enthusiasm in the wider curriculum.

  • Promoting high standards of behaviour, where children are expected to behave with courtesy, friendliness and respect to others.

  • Providing a welcoming, safe environment and stimulating curriculum, where children want to learn, feel valued and secure, and are able to develop creative, enquiring minds.

  • Fostering the development of the whole child through Christian teaching: spiritual, moral, social and cultural.

  • Establishing an effective partnership between home, school, church, and the community, for the benefit of the children’s education and the creation of community spirit and pride.

We invite all children to come to school for a series of new entrants’ taster sessions during the term before they are due to start in Reception. Parents are also invited to have an informal discussion with the Head of School and Class Teacher and home visits are arranged with the Reception class Teacher and Family Liaison Officer.

Applications for Admission are dealt with by the Local Authority Admissions Team - Parents who are considering applying for the admission of their children are very welcome to view the school, by appointment, at any time while it is in session. Prospective parents wishing to speak to the Head Teacher should telephone for an appointment.

Each year we ask pupils, parents and class teachers to sign and agree to our Home School Agreement.

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Parent Behaviour

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