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Cudham Church of England Primary

Cudham Church of England Primary School is part of the Aquinas Church of England Education Trust (Aquinas). A charitable company Limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales under Company Number 07525735. Its registered office is at Bishop Justus Church of England School, Magpie Hall Lane, BR2 8HZ. This is also the address for the Aquinas offices.

The Aquinas central team can be contacted by writing to the above address, emailing The contact number is 0203 949 7000.

The Aquinas central team includes:

Chief Executive Officer: Kathy Griffiths

Chief Financial Officer: Andrew Ferguson

Trust Improvement Director: Ann McCarthy

Director of Human Resources: Janet Vick

Director of Estates and facilities: Glen Day

Director of Communication and Compliance: Mary Capon

The following information for the Trust can be found on the Aquinas website:Click Here to view (

1. Memorandum and Articles of Association

2. Master Funding Agreement

3. Annual Accounts.

4. Value for Money statement.

5. Details of Members and Trustees.

6. Details of the Pecuniary Interest of the Members, Trustees and members of the Aquinas Advisory Councils (AAC).

7. Attendance at meetings of Trustees and the previous local governing bodies.

8. Aquinas Health and Safety Policy.

9. Aquinas Equality Policy, Single Equality Scheme.

10. Equality Objectives for the Trust and its academies.

11. Equality Information for the Trust and its academies.

12. Aquinas Charging and Remission Policy.

13. Aquinas Safeguarding Policy.

14. Aquinas Children Looked After Policy.

15. Aquinas Data Protection Policy.

16. Aquinas Freedom of Information Act Policy.

17. Aquinas Whistleblowing Policy.

18. Gender Pay Gap Reporting for the Trust.

19. Facilities Time Reporting for the Trust.

Supplemental Funding Agreement Click Here to view - Supplemental Funding Agreement


Cudham Church of England Primary

The school is an academy within the Aquinas Church of England Education Trust (Aquinas). The responsibility for the oversight and management of all aspects of the Aquinas rests with the Board of Trustees. The day to day management of Aquinas has been delegated by the Trustees to the Chief Executive Officer, Kathy Griffiths. The day to day operation of Cudham Church of England Primary has been delegated to the Mrs. Geraldine Shackleton (Headteacher).

In order to assist Mrs. Geraldine Shackleton (Headteacher), the Trustees of Aquinas have established Aquinas Advisory Councils (AAC) for each academy including Cudham Church of England Primary. The members of Cudham Church of England Primary AAC are as follows:

Trust appointed Members: Mr. Anthony Stracey (Chair), Mrs. Kate Ingleby, Rev. William Musson, Ms. Lauren Richards

Parent Members: Mrs. Caryn Westcott and Mrs. Tanya Sequeira

Staff Members: Ms. Kate Heselwood and Mrs. Geraldine Shackleton

Co-Opted Members: Mr. Daniel Finch

The purpose of the AAC is to support, advise and be a critical friend to Mrs. Geraldine Shackleton (Headteacher) in raising standards of achievement and progress for all learners.

The AAC does have delegated responsibility in relation to aspects of admissions, appointment of staff, complaints, performance management, permanent exclusions, school inspections, staff grievance and disciplinary. The AAC also has the ability to escalate concerns to the Mrs. Geraldine Shackleton (Headteacher), CEO or Trustees.

The AAC members meet at least 3 times a year and certain members will have specific functions as agreed by the AAC and the Headteacher and/or Head of School. Members will also forge links with the school and wide community. Notes of the AAC meeting are available on request.

AAC Members’ code of conduct and declaration of business interests support the following principles: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

If you wish to contact the Chair of the AAC or any of its members, please email: and insert in the subject box "for the attention of the clerk to the Aquinas Advisory Council".

Sept. 2019


Cudham Church of England Primary

Protocol & Delegation Document (September 2019) Click Here to view this document

Academy Governance Document - See statement above (September 2018)

Aquinas Advisory Committee Declarations of Interest (Oct2018) Click Here to view this document.

Aquinas Advisory Committee Meeting Attendance (Sept 2019) Click Here to view - Aquinas Advisory Committee Meeting Attendance

Draft Cudham AAC Meeting Dates 2019/2020

17th October 2019

5th March 2020

9th July 2020