Cudham C.E Pre-School has a policy of inclusion for all children.  Every child is unique and special and every child has individual requirements that we aim to meet through fun, learning and play.

It is our job as childcare professionals to get to know your child and to plan a curriculum that will both inform and enthuse them.

This is why we ask you to complete the form “All About Me” in advance of your child starting at pre-school.  Knowing your child’s interests, favourite activities or special requirements helps us to plan ahead and be ready to welcome all our new pupils.

Our pre-school has a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), Kirstin Buttery.  It is Kirstin’s role to help all children to feel safe, secure, included and to achieve their full potential whilst at Cudham C.E. Pre-School.  This could involve:

  • Providing specific toys or resources
  • Ensuring the setting can meet a child’s medical requirements
  • Developing an individual learning programme for a child
  • Referring children to external support services
  • Following a Speech and Language Therapy programme with a child
  • Helping a child to prepare for transition to primary school.

There are many ways in which we aim to ensure that all our pupils can participate happily in our activities:

  • A visual timetable to help children to understand what will happen throughout the morning
  • Rhyme bags and story sacks with props to bring the words to life
  • A wide range of toys and resources that stimulate all aspects of a child’s development from their imagination to their fine motor skills to their self-confidence
  • “Now and Next” boards which show pictorially what activities are taking place
  • Adult led games that can be adapted to teach basic skills or provide additional challenge
  • Sand timers to manage turn taking.

We monitor our pupils’ development closely, reflecting on what they have achieved throughout each term to plan extra support or challenge where necessary.

Your child’s key worker is always available to update you on your child’s progress and to discuss strategies that will encourage them both at home and at pre-school. All discussions are confidential and can be held in a quiet room.

We recognise that parents know their children best and by working closely together and sharing our knowledge we can achieve the highest results for all our pupils.