At Cudham C.E. Pre-School we are lucky to have one spacious classroom and the "bluebell" available for free-flow play. The resources and activities provided for children in these areas changes on a daily basis and provides opportunities for children to learn across the seven areas of the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, including reading, writing, maths and social development. Children are encouraged to move freely between the areas following their natural curiosity and making their own choices in play.

Emma's Garden

Emma's Garden

Our outdoor space attached to our permanent classroom is open for children to come and go as they pleased. We try to utilise the outdoor classroom whatever the weather as many children learn better outside; and a member of staff is always present to help them explore the books, activities and games. The outdoor classroom also provides a perfect space for those noisy or messy activities that children love!!

We also use the school grounds for outdoor play. In the winter, we take balls, hoops, bikes and scooters onto the school playground and in the summer the children enjoy the freedom of the school’s beautiful playing fields. Here the children develop their co-ordination and a range of physical skills on the adventure play equipment, such as climbing, balancing, sliding and swinging.

The School’s Nature Garden, with trees, flowers and a pond, is a treat the pre-school children particularly enjoy! Here they can safely explore the world around them – touching, observing, smelling and listening to nature throughout the seasons. We often use the Nature Garden for a shady storytime in summer or to mark a special occasion, such as “afternoon tea” for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

What if it’s wet?

When the weather is bad we make sure the children still enjoy physical exercise inside, by playing parachute games, dancing, tackling obstacle courses or enjoying children’s aerobics!