Cudham CE Primary School is very much a community school, that promotes and secures a Christian ethos with commitment to excellence for all children in our care. Our families play an integral role in our children's life chances and economic well-being and to help us maximise your child's potential we need to have your full support.

This can be done by:

- Monitoring your child’s reading and homework tasks. Every child from Reception to Year 6 will be expected to read every night at home either to themselves or to an adult.

- Attending parents consultation evenings to discuss your child’s progress or performance

- Being punctual. All children should be sitting ready to be registered at 8.45am.

- Communicating with the school any information that could be a barrier to your child’s progress or well-being

- Supporting Cudham’s expectation that your child comes to school every day, ready to learn, follow rules, listen to adults and be a proactive member of our teaching and learning community.

In turn, we will provide a safe and orderly environment, providing intervention and enrichment experiences for our children. We will ensure that our children are:

- Confident and eloquent speakers

- Fluent and happy readers, who are confident to discuss and express a view on what they are reading

- Confident, fluent writers, who can consistently apply rules of spelling and grammar

- Mathematicians who are secure on the basics and able to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding to solve problems and puzzles

- Critical thinkers enquiring learners who always want to go beyond what they have learnt at school

- Healthy and active

- Safe in their environments and online

We thank all our parents in advance for their continued support in our quest for excellence.