Formal Complaints.

Cudham Church of England Primary School

Cudham Church of England Primary School is committed to ensuring that the highest standards are maintained at the school both in the provision of education to pupils and in every other aspect of the running of the school. We welcome feedback and encourage parents to communicate any concerns they may have through class teachers, SENCo or Family Liaison Officer, as appropriate, who can be contacted via the school office.

For information on the schools formal complaints procedure see our Complaints Policy and note that formal complaints should be made in writing to the Head of School, Mr Daniel Finch.

Number of complaints registered under the formal procedure of the policy for the preceding year

  • Academic Year...     Number...

  • 2015-2016...       Nil
  • 2016-2017...       One
  • 2017-2018...       Nil
  • 2018-2019...       Nil
  • 2019-2020...       Nil

Complaints Policy (Feb 2020) Click Here to view this policy