School Policies

Our Policies and Statutory documents are regularly updated.

Policies & Statutory Documents

Accessibility Plan Policy (Dec 2017) Click Here - Accessibility Plan Policy

Anti Bullying Policy (Dec 2017) Click Here - Anti Bullying Policy

Attendance & Punctuality Policy 2017/2019 Click Here - Attendance & Punctuality Procedures

Behaviour Management Policy (Nov 2019) Click Here - Behaviour Management Policy

Communications Policy (May 2017) Click Here - Communications Policy

Complaints Policy (Nov 2019) Click Here - Complaints Policy

EYFS Policy (Dec 2017) Click Here - EYFS Policy

First Aid Policy (May 2017) Click Here - First Aid Policy

Health, Hygiene and Intimate Care Policy (Nov 2019) Click Here - Health, Hygiene and Intimate Care Policy

Health and Safety Procedures (Nov 2017) Click Here - Health and Safety Procedures

Maths Policy (Feb 2018) Click Here - Maths Policy

More Able and Talented Policy (Feb 2018) Click Here - More Able and Talented Policy

Pupil Premium Policy (Sep 2019) Click Here - Pupil Premium Policy

Religious Education Policy (May 2017) Click Here - Religious Education Policy

Safeguarding (Child Protection) Policy (Dec 2019) Click Here - Child Protection / Safeguarding Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy (Sep 2018) Click Here - Special Educational Needs Policy